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The Challenge of Politics: An Introduction to Political Science (6th Edition) – eBook


  • Authors: Douglas W. Simon, Joseph Romance, Neal Riemer
  • File Size: 7 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 488 pages
  • Publisher: CQ Press; 6th Edition
  • Publication Date: December 27, 2018
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1544305966, 154430594X, 1544305958,
  • ISBN-13: 9781544305967, 9781544305943, 9781544305950


The updated The Challenge of Politics: An Introduction to Political Science 6th Edition(PDF) allows you to see how the subfields of political science converge around a set of fundamental questions, such as “Can we bring political wisdom to bear on judgments about public issues and politics?” “Can we as students and citizens articulate and defend a view of the good political life and its guiding political values?” and “Can we develop a science of politics to help us understand important political phenomena—the empirical realities of politics?”

Balancing lessons of contemporary and classic theory with contemporary politics and empirical study, the ebook equips you with the tools you require to explore the effect of philosophy and ideology, recognize main forms of government, evaluate empirical findings, and comprehend how policy issues directly influence people’s lives. This Sixth Edition contains a brand-new chapter on American Politics and Government and revised content on recent international events.

NOTE: The product only includes the ebook The Challenge of Politics, 6th Edition in PDF. No access codes are included.