Managing Organizational Change: Process, Social Construction and Dialogue (2nd Edition) – eBook


  • Author: Muayyad Jabri
  • File Size: 4 MB, 6 MB
  • Format: AZW3 (original), PDF (converted)
  • Length: 519 pages
  • Publisher: Red Globe Press; 2nd Edition
  • Publication Date: September 16, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07Z2RY75Q
  • ISBN-10: 1137468572, 0357132548
  • ISBN-13: 9781137468574, 9780357132548


Managing Organizational Change, 2nd Edition, (PDF/AZW3) describes change as an on-going phenomenon: not an event that will soon be finished but a permanent feature of organizational life. Taking a refreshing and unique approach, the ebook presents change as a communal process reinforced by multi-perspective stakeholder management with substantial impact on individual and social responsibilities. It showcases how change is successfully attained through relational communication based on narrations, conversations, and storytelling. This approach has been comprehensively tested over several years in university education programmes around the world. Now in its Second edition, the ebook Managing Organizational Change offers college students with an insightful overview of change management that realistically mirrors the needs of organizations today to respond to, include and give power to their employees.

Written by an experienced researcher and  instructor, this textbook is perfect for undergraduate and postgraduate students of change management and for those aiming to become managers and consultants.

NOTE: The product only includes the ebook Managing Organizational Change, 2nd Edition in the original AZW3 format. A converted PDF is also included. No access codes come with the sale.