Cancer Immunology: A Translational Medicine Context (2nd Edition) – eBook


  • Author: Nima Rezaei
  • File Size: 196 MB
  • Format: ePub
  • Length: 802 Pages
  • Publisher: Springer; 2nd edition
  • Publication Date: January 3, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B083GL6NCP
  • ISBN-10: 3030308456, 3030308448
  • ISBN-13: 9783030308452, 9783030308445
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This ebook focusing on the immunopathology of cancers is published as part of the three-volume Springer series Cancer Immunology, which intends to provide an up-to-date, clinically relevant review of cancer immunology and immunotherapy. Readers will find comprehensive descriptions of the interactions between cancerous cells and several components of the innate and adaptive immune system. The principal focus, though, is very much on clinical aspects, the goal being to educate clinicians in the clinical implications of the latest research and new developments in the field.

Cancer Immunology: A Translational Medicine Context, 2nd Edition(PDF/ePub) will be of special value to hematologists, clinical immunologists, and oncologists. In the new second edition of this very well-received ebook, first published in 2015, the original chapters have been considerably updated and additional chapters included on, for instance, current knowledge on the roles of NK cells and T-helper cells in tumor immunity, the part played by oncoviruses in the development of various cancers, and the uses of fluorescent in situ hybridization, bioluminescence, and cancer molecular and functional imaging.

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