Advances in Corpus-Based Research on Academic Writing: Effects of Discipline, Register and Writer Expertise – eBook


  • Authors: Ute Römer, Viviana Cortes, Eric Friginal
  • File Size: 14 MB
  • Format: ePub (converted PDF available on request)
  • Length: 358 Pages
  • Publisher: ‎ John Benjamins Pub Co
  • Publication Date: February 20, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 902720506X, 2019055545
  • ISBN-13: 9789027205063, 9789027261458


Advances in Corpus-Based Research on Academic Writing, (ePub/PDF) showcases some of the latest research on academic writing by prominent and up-and-coming corpus linguists. The studies included in the volume are based on a broad range of corpora covering first and second language academic writing at different levels of writing expertise, including texts from a range of academic disciplines (and sub-disciplines) and of different academic registers. Mostly novel aspects of the collection are the inclusion of research that integrates rhetorical moves with multi-dimensional analysis, studies that include both fixed and variable phraseological items (phrase-frames, lexical bundles, constructions), and work that is based on corpora of English as an academic lingua franca. Going beyond just summarizing their findings, the authors also discuss what their research means for academic writing practice and pedagogical settings. The volume will be of interest to researchers, students, and teachers who would like to increase their knowledge of how academic writing functions and what it looks like in a range of contexts.

NOTE: The product only includes the ebook, Advances in Corpus-Based Research on Academic Writing in ePub format. A converted PDF is available on request. No access codes are included.